Stacks of Google Reader Stats

I really like statistics. (Which is a pretty funny, since I hated them in college.) At Xbox Live, we are surrounded with lots of numbers and statistics like Gamerscore and the top 10 lists I post each week. When I logged into Google Reader today, which I often use to catch up on my RSS feeds, I was fascinated with their new feature that lets me look at my own blog reading activity based on actions I’ve taken while using Reader. There is a lot of date there, including the most updated feeds, which feeds I read the most etc. Using this data, I can easily use the ‘rank and yank’ method of feed management: I remove the bottom 10% of blogs that are not being updated or that I am not reading…so I can add more.  You can see a screen shot of some of my data here.  One of the first things you’ll notice is that I read my feeds early in the morning (like now) and then again late in the evening, and that I track the gaming blogs pretty closely. You’ll notice a dip in mid-day…which is when I tend to have meetings. Pretty cool stuff, huh?

If you use Google Reader, you can check out your own stats here.

BTW: Does anyone know of a way to sync my Vista / Office 12 feeds (which use the common feed list protocol) with Google Reader?