Blogger Breakfast (Audio) WMA

This is the audio from the Xbox Blogger breakfast held Wednesday March 7, 2007 at GDC in San Francisco, CA.
The breakfast featured Microsoft’s Chris Satchell (XNA) and Shane Kim (VP of MGS) who hosted the breakfast and fielded questions from the following attendees:

Michael Zenke: Slashdot
Chris Grant: Joystiq
Brian Crecente: Kotaku
Ryan Block: Engadget
Simon Carless: GameSetWatch
Spencer Yip: Siliconera
Adam Levine: GamerAndy
James Young: Evil Avatar
Richard Mitchell: Xbox 360 Fanboy
Chris Kohler and Susan Arendt: Game|Life (Wired)
Ron Workman and Robert Summa: Destructoid
Nick Suttner:

Both John Porcaro (Gamerscore Blog) and I were also in the room as well, but we kept quiet so the others could ask their questions.

I did the best could with the audio, but it is a little noisy and as I did not have microphones for everyone.

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