Games for Windows Live launches May 8th with Halo 2 on Vista

Good news PC Gamers! The award winning Xbox Live experience will be extended to Games for Windows fans on May 8, 2007 with the launch of Halo 2 for Windows Vista. In addition I have a few details of how ‘Games for Windows – LIVE’ will work for existing Xbox Live Gold and Silver members. Remember…it’s one unified service, so current Xbox LIVE Gold members will automatically have access to Gold features on ‘Games for Windows — LIVE’ titles.

Here is how things will look on the Games for Windows side in terms of features:

Silver Membership Features
Single gamertag
Common gamer profile
Common gamerscore
Single player achievements
Private chat via text and voice
Common friends list and online presence
PC only multiplayer including browsing a list of active PC games

Gold Membership Features
All Silver membership features PLUS
Multiplayer matchmaking with friends
TrueSkill matchmaking
Multiplayer achievements
Cross-platform gameplay

[More details on the Games for Windows Live press release]