Headed to NYC for the GH II event

As I post this, I am on Acela 2153 headed to NYC. After checking into the hotel, Ill be heading over to the Sirius Satellite Studios for the 2pm Radio video game show (on Maxim Channel 108.) Well be taking calls since Ill be in the studio so go ahead and hit us at 88899MAXIM during the show from 2p ET/11a PT. Later today, we have a meeting about the tomorrows Guitar Hero II event at the Virgin Megastore in Times Square. Remember, its free and open to the publicso take a few hours off of work tomorrow (tell the boss I said it was OK) and head on down to see what promises to very unique event with Gene Simmons.
Also, If you need to stay in touch while on the roadI highly recommend the Treo 750. I can tether it to my laptop and connect to the 3G network and take/make phone calls at the same timeall while traveling at 100+ MPH aboard a train through the shoreline of Connecticut. Aint technology great? I am using this to also update my Twitter site.

Ok, I am off to download the new Halo 3 Video from Bungie.net so Ill speak to you this afternoon (if you call in) or see you tomorrow at the event.

Posted aboard Acela 2153 near Old Saybrook, Connecticut