My Forza 2 In Game Pictures

On tomorrow’s show, I have Dan Greenawalt who is the lead game designer for Forza Motorsport 2 (which is on sale in Japan already, and goes on sale in the US and Europe over the coming weeks.) To prepare for the interview, I have been playing a little FM2 and getting familiar with some of the game features, especially the website integration. One of the features I am really enjoying is the ability to take photos in game and them have them upload to Here are a couple I took earlier today:

This is a shot of my 2003 Ferrari Challenge Stradale roaring down the straight away at the Nissan Speedway. Moments later, I clipped the wall (this is the moment of impact and a reverse shot.)

Here is a shot of my 1954 300SL doing about 80 past the Virgin Megastore in Times Square (the same place we did the GH II event last month.)

It should be interesting to see what the community will do with this photo feature as well as in game livery editor. Ok, back to the game…talk to you tomorrow.

: I moved the photos to Flickr