Call of Duty 3 Bravo Map Pack

NameCall of Duty 3 Bravo Map Pack
Price: 800 Points
Availability: Not available in Japan
Dash Details: The Bravo Map Pack unites three new multiplayer maps with two classic PC maps from Call of Duty and Call of Duty: United Offensive. Storm hilltop abbeys, maneuver alleyways for the perfect ambush, or battle in the nighttime shadows of a riverside town in three never-before-seen maps. Gare Centrale, one of the original Call of Duty’s most popular maps, brings its unique layout of warehouses, water towers and a train depot to Xbox 360 for the first time. Marseilles delivers United Offensive’s exciting blend of vehicles and vast, open combat to next-gen.
Size: 950.3 MB (approx)

Edit: Added link

Edit: There is now a trailer up on marketplace that shows the map packs