Headed back East for Pac Man and (maybe) a community party

I am headed back to the East Coast this weekend to spend some time with the family before heading to New York City for next weeks ‘Pac Man World Championship event. We’ll have a full community team in town for the event: John from the Gamerscoreblog and Xbox.com’s TriXie will join me to provide complete multimedia coverage on Xbox.com of the competition and the finals, plus I’ll snag some audio for my next show.

Maybe we may grab Pac Man to kick out some New York style videos. Got any ideas?


  • No show Sunday since I’ll be on the road.
  • All of the Pac Man event tickets I gave away on my last show are gone, and the winners have been notified with details.
  • e’s Matrix Box set finally arrived.
  • John from the Gamerscore blog and I were talking yesterday, and we’re thinking of doing a community meet-n-greet after the event on Tuesday (6/5) evening, somewhere in or near Times Square. Would the folks in the city be interested in a casual after work get together to meet other LIVE members? I’ll see if I can get John to slap down his Amex and pick up some of the food/drink bill. I’ll post details about this if we get enough interest.

Finally, a word of warning: If you’re in the city this weekend, TriXie is in town for the World Cybergames US Open.

Edit: Corrected date