PMWC Photos and Community meet up details

I just uploaded a few photos of the Pac Man World Championship venue. All of the contestants were in tonight to meet each other and practice to get ready for the big event tomorrow. John from the GSB will be posting his later tonight. Tomorrow we’ll be shooting a lot of videos for and covering all of the action.

Finally, the community team talked tonight and we’re going to do a very casual meet up tomorrow evening in the lobby of the Marriott Marquis (where we’re staying.) John, Sara, TriXie and I will be hanging out in the Atrium lounge after 5:30pm Tuesday night (immediately after the Pac Man event.) I talked John into buying those who are of age the first round. There appears to be a automatons convention of some sort in the hotel so there is a sea of blue suits.  I am sure it will be pretty obvious which ones are the Xbox team. Hint: I can confidently say no one on the Xbox team will be wearing a blue suit at this event.

See you tomorrow!