Small Arms: Picture Pack and In game content

Name: Small Arms – Ivar & Gullarp Picture Pack
Price: 100 Points
Availability: All Xbox LIVE regions
Dash Details: Add a little Ivar & Gullarp to your gamercard with pictures of Ivar, Gullarp, and some of their handy-if-unusual items! This pack contains 5 Gamer Pictures.

Name: Ivar & Gullarp: Best Friends Forever – Frozen in Time
Price: 250 Points
Availability: All Xbox LIVE regions
Dash Details: After spending one million years frozen together in the Arctic, Ivar and Gullarp know everything about each other. How could they not! They spent endless hours rambling about how to get stains out of their fur underpants, how to make the best stone tools, and which baby seals were the cutest. Yes, Ivar & Gullarp will be best friends forever, because forever certainly can’t take any longer than global atmospheric climate change. This package includes playable characters Ivar and Gullarp as well as their ‘Arctic Ice Float’ and ‘Pillaged Village’ levels! This pack contains 2 new PDA levels.