New Gears of War Multiplayer achievements and title update (updated)

It has just been announced that Gears of War will be getting a title update tomorrow, June 14th after 0200 GMT. Inside the Title Update, you’ll find eight new Achievements for the “Annex” gametype and the “Hidden Fronts” Multiplayer Map Pack on Xbox LIVE.

In addition to adding new Achievements, worth a total of 250 points, Epic has improved the Roadie Run controls so players have greater control of their movement. The title update will also help squash multiplayer exploits and provide general housekeeping.

The “Annex” gametype is now available for free and the “Hidden Fronts” Multiplayer Map Pack is available on Xbox LIVE Marketplace for 800 Microsoft Points.
All four multiplayer maps will be available for free after Sept. 3, 2007.

Edit: Correction…the title update will be released June 14th after 0900 GMT/0200 PT.