Isn’t this supposed to be a slow time of the year ?

Except for a few franchise titles, the June – August time frame is normally a quiet time for game releases as developers are busy preparing for the big Holiday rush. Some people around the office and I were discussing this, and now that the Halo 3 beta is over, we were looking at the release calendar and this season feels a little more crowded then years past. In addition to the Xbox Live Arcade titles that appear on a (usually) weekly basisthere are more games than I expected being released over the next few months. If you are an Xbox 360 owner, you can look forward to The Darkness, Overlord, Vampire Rain (O’lord and VR have free demos you can grab on Xbox LIVE), NASCAR 08, Stranglehold and BioShock to name a few. For the kids weve got Ratatouille and the Transformers. What titles are you looking forward to this busy Summer (or Winter depending on where you are)?