Comments FAQ and Policy

Q: Do you delete comments?
A: I do not. I will not delete comment unless they violate the comment guidelines below (or you post the same thing multiple times.)

Q: Can I post my thoughts on the PS3, the Wii, my Commodore 64 or be critical of the Xbox?
A: Absolutely. I encourage a healthy discussion, as long as your post does not violate the comment policy I outline below.

Q: Do you read the comments?
A: Yes, I read as many as I can. I will often respond in comments as well. You can tell when I respond, as my comment will have a green background around it (so you know it’s really me.) 

Q: I just posted a comment and I don’t see it yet. Why not?
A: receives a huge amount of traffic, and for performance reasons we cache many of the pages. As a result of the caching, your comment may take up to 5-minutes to appear. ‘First post’ comments are automatically deleted.

Q: I kept hitting refresh on my browser, but my comment STILL did not appear, so something must be wrong and I am going to post it again.
A: It’s possible that your comment is in the moderated queue. If the spam software on this site thinks your comment is spam, it places it in a queue for me to personally approve. I generally approve comments twice a day (if I have time.) If the software is really aggressive as a result of information in your comment that the software thinks is SPAM,  then I won’t see your comment as it is automatically deleted. Try to repost it without a URL or using more appropriate language.

Q: Ok, this is getting silly. It’s been like 30 minutes, my comment is still no appearing, so something must be wrong and I am going to post it again
A: Nothing is wrong. Have patience. If I see that multiple entries from the same person of the same post in the moderation queue I’ll delete them all.

Q: I posted a comment but it’s now gone…what’s up?
A: Could be any number of things. As noted above, an automated spam bot is continuously going over the massive database of comments and will automatically remove anything that has excessive links or things it thinks are spam.

Comment Policy:
I encourage comments, rants, critiques, praise, and/or suggestions that will result in thought provoking conversation. I ask that you simply stay on topic and respect other people’s opinions, avoid profanity, personal attacks, offensive statements, illegal content (including links) and anything else that might otherwise violate good humanitarian sense. Basically, don’t post anything you would not want your mother to see.  I encourge discussions about Xbox and other video game consoles…as long as your posts abides by the above rules.

General Guidelines:

This is a community. That means that many different people making up a single entity. Respect other members of the community and don’t belittle, make fun of, or insult another members.

This is considered a family environment. Xbox is a family product. There are many members that are minors and many people that post with their children looking over their shoulder. If it shouldn’t be viewed by minors, then it shouldn’t be posted.

There are people that read this forum at work. If something would not be considered “work safe” (to a boss or HR person), then it shouldn’t be posted.

Refrain from YELLING – Remember, ALL CAPITAL LETTERS in print is considered yelling.

Oh, and have fun 😉

Updated: March 2008