My new HD capture card

A couple people have asked what I am using to get Hi Def screenshots like these. In the couple of days I have had it, my new Black Magic Design Intensity Pro is working great. I currently have the Xbox 360 Elite in my office connected to this card via HDMI, and I am able to grab screenshots like the ones I did for the GTA Theme. Although the picture on the website does not show it, the Pro card has component in/out (via a breakout cable) as well as HDMI in and out. Once you figure out the quirks of the install (like changing the input via the control panel  – who knew it installed a control panel applet since the support docs don’t mention it!) it works great. I  tried installing it on my Mac, but I did not have the right card slot (time for a new Mac?) so I dropped it in my Vista Ultimate machine (yes they have Vista drivers) and it’s been solid.

I will say this though, you need an extremly high end PC to do motion HD video capture. I don’t recommend you try and play your Xbox 360 using this card and previewing it on your PC. There is a tiny bit of lag…just enough to screw you up when you try to play. For screenshots, it works great.

[BlackMagic Design Intensity Pro card]