Show #232 (WMA) The one with three interviews about four games

This week’s show: 
Co-host : e
Interview: Peter Zyniewicz and Duane Colbert on Vampire Rain and Project Sylpheed
Interview: Pete Hines from Bethesda on Fallout 3
Interview: Jens Andersson, Lead Designer at Starbreeze Studios, developers of ‘The Darkness
Name The Game
Xbox 101
The mystery of the guy across the hall takes an unexpected turn
Plus I find out why I was called an ‘unnamed blogger’ (among other things)

Production note: Part of my audio in some of the interviews is not the best quality. The guest audio is fine, but a technical glitch affects only my portion of the audio on some of the interviews. No show on July 8, since I will be travelling to E3.

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Link dump (links to things I mention in this episode):