Xbox E3 briefing day (and how you can watch or listen to it)

I have a dedicated high speed line, a nice clean audio feed of the board and a complete workspace to watch all of the action. They are just finishing up rehearsals now, but I wanted to make sure to remind you how you can watch (or listen to) the briefing:

  • If you have G4 TV on your Cable or Satellite provider you can watch the entire briefing (and the pre-show) tonight starting at 9p ET/6p PT (check here to see if G4 is available in your area.)
  • Watch the live Webcast on The webcast links will go live shortly before the briefing starts at 11:30p ET/8:30p PT.
  • If you miss anything, we’ll have a highlight video posted tomorrow morning as part of’s complete E3 coverage
  • Later on in the week, you’ll be able to download a Hi Def version from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace.
  • Finally, as soon as I can get the complete briefing audio encoded and uploaded to my server, I’ll add into my iTunes, MP3 and WMA feeds.

Since I am parked backstage (right behind the huge HD rear projection screen) recording the briefing, I’ll be live blogging what is happening directly to my Twitter stream. It’s much easier to rapidly update Twitter instead of making new posts on the blog every couple of minutes.

P.S. Look for me on G4 TV tonight around 10:30p ET/7:30p PT. They want me to drop by and chat with them about the ‘new’ e3.

Edit: Reminder that the Gamerscore blog folks are posting event photos like mad to their Flickr site. I am sitting about 10-feet behind this screen.