Texas Hold ’em Update

There is a free update to ‘Texas Hold ’em’ now available. Here is a list of what it contains directly from the developer:

The free update will introduce several significant features, bug fixes and updates based on user feedback, including Xbox LIVE Vision Camera support (player bankrolls will not be reset with this update).

Now with live video, players can put on their best poker face and scrutinize the faces of their opponents in true poker fashion. Using the Xbox LIVE Vision Camera also allows players to use a series of game faces using the snapshot mode for all-ins, wins, losses, folds and more. Other features of the update include the following:

Improved usability such as the addition of Custom Match Lists, which allows gamers to view and select which available Custom Match game they would like to join.

Improved rich presence in the game, allowing players to not only see what their friends are up to, but also if they just won that big pot!

Improved matchmaking and user results.

Scoring and screens are more readable than before.

Multi-language support including English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

New premium downloadable content allows players to customize the in-game environment, and access new gamerpics and themes