Marketplace Roundup for July 28, 2007 (Comic-Con Day 2)

The team here in San Diego is working around the clock to capture, edit, compress and uploaded a large amount of Comic-Con content for Marketplace, most of it in HD. Here is a list of content that is now available on Marketplace (or will be later today) : 

Available now:
Looney Tunes ACME Arsenal Interview
Tom and Jerry: A Nutcracker Tale Clip
New Frontier teaser
Legion/Kids’ WB! Promo
Legion sizzle reel
James Marsters video greeting
Hanna-Barbera: From H to B video
Batman/The Joining Clip
Batman/Kids’ WB! promo
Batman sizzle
Adam Baldwin Video greeting
Daily Wrap-up
Hanna Barbera/Popeye Panel Coverage
Simplicity:  The Life and Art of Alex Toth
Sailor’s Horn Pipes:  The Voices of Popeye
I am Legend trailer
Get Smart trailer
Fred Claus Trailer 2
Babylon 5: Lost Tales
10,000 B.C.
Superman Doomsday Panel & Interviews Highlights
Superman Doomsday Trailer
Looney Tunes ACME Arsenal Trailer 1
Looney Tunes ACME Arsenal Trailer 2

Themes & Gamer Pics
Scooby-Doo Theme
Flintstones Theme
Babylon 5 Theme
Superman Theme
Comic-Con 2007 Gamer Picture

Going LIVE later today
Batman Theme
Jericho Game Trailer
Jetsons Theme
Daily Wrap-up 7/27
Bladerunner: Final Cut Panel & Interviews Highlights

Since I don’t currently have access to the tools that give me all of the information that I usually post with content, I am only able to post the above list. I don’t have access to the pricing, region availability or description at this time.