Marketplace Roundup for July 29, 2007 (Comic-Con Day 3)

The final day of Comic-Con is upon us, and we have additional (U.S. only) content now available on the service (or will be later today.)

Clips & Coverage
Smallville Trailer
Big Bang Theory :30 Spot
Babylon 5: The Lost Tales Full Panel Coverage
Blade Runner Full Panel Coverage
300 Full Panel Coverage
Daily Wrap-up 7/28 (HD)
Return to House on Haunted Hill Panel/Interview Highlights (HD)
Babylon 5: The Lost Tales Interviews (HD)
Warner Bros. Upcoming Theatrical Releases (HD)

Pics & Themes
Flintstones Picture Pack (100 points)
Wonder Woman Theme (150 points)
Justice League Theme (150 points)
Yogi Bear theme (120 points)

Also, I have passed on the feedback to the team about the lack of availabilty of this content outside the U.S. They are aware of it and are sharing it with the content rights holders.