Major Nelson grounded

Or more specifically, no TGS this year. During my check in this morning at Orlando International Airport to head to Tokyo, I reached for my Passport….and it was not there.  After turning my luggage inside and out (always fun at 6am in the middle of a terminal) and a flurry of phone calls to the hotel and local authorities, I deduced that it was indeed gone. (If you happened to be wandering through Terminal A this morning, and witnessed a man in a bit of a panic with all of his suitcases completely emptied out, that was me.)

Where was it?
Did I lose it? I doubt it.
Was it stolen? most likely.

Either way, it’s not in my possession.

As you probably know, you can’t enter a foreign country without a passport. As such, I had to cancel the Japan portion of my trip. While it is possible to get a passport in a hurry, the timing was not working in my favor: I’d have to travel to the nearest Passport Agency (ironically there is one in Seattle) and present a bevy of documents, none of which I have with me on the road. With the travel to Tokyo taking the better part of day AND the fact you lose that day when you travel east coupled with the fact I am not near any of the documents I need to quickly get a passport all lead to one thing: No TGS for me this year. BUT, keep an eye on where TriXie and VideoMonkey (who still have their travel documents) are going to be covering all the action, sans Major Nelson.

After a full day of dealing with this, I have resigned myself to the harsh reality: No TGS for me this year. I have booked myself on a flight back to Seattle tomorrow morning. I’ll use this week to watch the great coverage and get some work done before heading to New York for the Halo 3 event next week.

As a public service, I offer this advice: Be very careful with your Passport. And go make a photocopy of it right now and keep it in a safe place so you can have all the details handy if you need to get a replacement.