Going to New York to Finish The Fight

I have my bags packed and my UNSC issued dog tags and I am headed to New York for tomorrow’s Halo 3 Launch at Best Buy on 5th Avenue. If you are in the greater Tri-State area and want to come down to be part of the event Monday, I will be onsite Monday handing out some swag (while supplies last) to those waiting in line. Listen to yesterdays show to hear what we’ll be looking for so you can be prepared. Keep an eye on Spike and G4 who are doing live shows from the store and will be covering most of the action leading up to midnight. Can’t make it to New York? Check out the list of events happening around the country (and this special one in Seattle) so you can be part of the action as well.

I’ll be posting updates from the event on my Twitter site if you want to track things there.

See you tomorrow.

Posted at Sea-Tac