Give the gift of Points

If you are looking for a last minute gift idea, why not give the gift of Points? The Microsoft Points team made the little gadget below to do just that. Assuming your browser settings are properly configured, you should see a little Xbox LIVE points card logo below that when you click on it will pop open the Microsoft Points site to sign in with your Windows LIVE ID. Once you do that, it will return you to this page where you will see your current points balance. You can then click on it to to purchase additional points OR (and this is new) you can gift points to someone else. Currently, this is available for US accounts only. You do need to know the persons Windows LIVE ID for the gifting. I have asked the team to add the ability to gift points based on Gamertag, and they said they’ll work on that for the future, but for now…you’ll need to know the recipients Windows LIVE ID. Anyway, I thought you guys may want to try if you have someone on your list you want to send some Points to this Holiday season.

Edit: Added that it is US only for now.