Preparing for 2008

Typically, this is a slow week around the office as many folks are off for the Holidays and spending time with the Family. After a few days off from work, I have returned to the office to kick off my annual post-Christmas, pre-New Years ritual. It consists of a few things which revolve, for the most part, around tidying up and preparing for the new calendar year:

  • Backing up my office computers (both my Dell and Mac) and preparing them for a reformat and reinstall of their OS’s to start the year off fresh
  • This year I am installing Leopard on my office Mac, so let’s see how that goes. (I think I need more memory for it though.)
  • My Windows machine will see Vista Enterprise and Office 2007 (no surprise there huh?)
  • Burning all the 2007 shows onto DVD for back up
  • Cleaning my office (mental note: way to many boxes and cables)
  • A random trip to Fry’s with e to take advantage of any post Holiday bargains
  • Organizing my games library which became slightly disorganized over the year
  • Taking all of the holiday cards I got this year and copying names and addresses to my contacts file
  • Preparing for CES as best I can, as there is no good way I have found to prepare for it…it just happens
  • This year, I think I am going to build a WHS so I can start backing up my home media collection

Do you have any yearly customs that you perform between the Holidays to prepare yourself for the New Year?