Internet Media versus Traditional Media

Sports commentator Bob Costas, host of HBOs Costas Now (and fellow SU Alumni) hosted a very interesting segment on his show earlier this week regarding sports coverage on blogs. Will Leitch, the Editor of sports blog mixes it up with Pulitzer Prize winning sports journalist Buzz Bissinger about news coverage on blogs versus traditional journalism. The 18minute video has a colorful discussion (peppered with some pretty rough language) about new media versus old media. 

Buzz brings up some interesting points around stories on Deadspin about athletes and their extra-curricular activities, and then decides to read some blog comments (!) followed by trading barbs with Will about the quality of blog reporting. What do you think about Buzzs points? What about Wills point that seeing an event from a press box is not the way fans see events? As a blogger, I really enjoyed this discussion, even though panelist Braylon Edwards could barley get a word in.

Warning: Due to the nature of the language in the video, parental discretion is advised.

Edit: Corrected Wills name and spelling errors.