This weeks Deal: Rock Band Foo Fighters Album

Normally priced at 1600 points, the Rock Band DLC The Colour and the Shape Album from the Foo Fighters will be available for 1200 points starting tomorrow. Since this content is not available in Japan, our friends there will have The IDOLM@STER Live For You! Song, normally priced at 1200 points, available for 900 points. Meanwhile, in Hong Kong, Korea and Taiwan, the deal o the week will come in the form of the Foo Fighters Pack for Guitar Hero III. Normally priced at 500 points, it will be available for 375 Points.

Dont want to read the whole block of text above? Here is the information in an easy to digest table:

DLC Original Price Sale Price Discount Regions
THE IDOLM@STER Live For You! Song 1200 pts 900 pts 25% Japan
Guitar Hero Foo Fighters Track Pack 500 pts 375 pts 25% Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan
Rock Band: The Colour and the Shape Album 1600 pts 1200 pts 25% All other Xbox LIVE Regions

In case you missed the memo on the Holiday Deal of the Week promotion is going on all month here is how it works.