Crackdown Premium Theme Preview

 Crackdown Theme

I just got word that a Crackdown NXE Theme is coming to Marketplace tomorrow. I’m a big Crackdown fan, so I was pretty excited when I was able to get a preview of what it will look like as well.


Here are the details as they’ll appear in Marketplace tomorrow MORNING after 0700 ET/0300 PT


If you a Crackdown fan, be sure to download the Agility Orb sound file. It makes a great message tone for your mobile phone!


Content: Play More Crackdown!
Price: 240 Microsoft Points
Availability: Not available in Germany
Dash Text: Two years later, Crackdown is still an awesome game. Here’s a new Premium Theme in celebration of its sheer awesomeness. Why not dust off your copy, give your friends a nudge, and go stir up some mayhem in Pacific City?

Edit: Updated region availability