Major is going to Rock in Iraq

If you are in the US, I hope you are enjoying your Happy Memorial Day
Today seems like an appropriate day to tell you about a trip that I will be taking after E3.  I am headed to the middle east for the I-ROQ Baghdad event. It’s the second annual RockBand 2 tournament being held at Victory Base in Baghdad, Iraq. The competition, for service men and women on the base, has been underway since May 17th.I’ll be headed over to help host the finals with the base commanders where we will award the best RockBand 2 players in all of Baghdad.


I am very honored to be asked to participate, and very much looking forward to supporting the event and meeting the many blog readers and show listeners that I have heard from the area. For obvious security reasons, I won’t be able to share too much regarding my actual travel and location as I normally do when I cover events, but I’ll do what I can. While I am covert, e and litheon will be keeping an eye on things around here, so you’ll be in good hands.  I will be bringing one of the Inside Xbox cameraman with me, so expect some good videos and photos once we return from what promises to be a very exciting journey.


You can find out more details about the event at or follow them on Twitter. I’ll share as many details as I can leading up to the event, but as you can imagine I’ll be pretty busy with E3 next week.