We’ve got a new feature over here on majornelson.com, and that is an Xbox Live-integrated community chat. We felt that the Xbox community as a whole was lacking a real-time way to interact with one another especially during times of exciting new Xbox-related announcements. This FAQ serves to outline some of the most common questions about using the chat.

I just saw some really important gamertag on the chat, is that really them?


Due to the way the chat works, we allow you up to one minute to prove who you are before forcefully changing the nickname you’re using. During that time it is quite possible for somebody to impersonate another user, so the only way to be absolutely certain that a person is who they say they are is by typing “/ns status gamertag” where gamertag is the gamertag of the person you want to check. If NickServ messages you back with the status of “3” then the person has verified their identity, otherwise you should view the person in question with skeptecism. You will only see Major Nelson with the nickname of Major_Nelson.


How do I get into the chat?

If you have an account here and you’re not signed in you should proceed to login, as your gamertag serves as your nickname on the chat server. If you do not currently have an account at majornelson.com, you should proceed to register, as registered users are always allowed to talk even during times of high activity. If the chat becomes too hard to moderate we will enforce certain restrictions that include temporarily muting all anonymous users. So if you want your voice heard, registration is your best option.


Once you’ve logged in navigate to the chat page. Due to security restrictions on the software we use to operate majornelson.com we are unable to decrypt existing user passwords, and as such are unable to set your password on the chat; however, once you change your password on majornelson.com or even directly on the chat server that new password will remain. Before you administer any password changes we present you with a pre-determined password that you can use login. Copy that password into the chat window, while ensuring you don’t copy the quote characters over, and click the “Click to join chatroom” button.


Why was my gamertag changed to MNGuest#####?


The point of this chat is to use your own gamertag, and to do that we have to prove to everybody else that you own the gamertag you’re trying to use. That’s the reason for the password, so nobody else can impersonate you anywhere on our chat. So if your gamertag is being changed, make sure you are signed into majornelson.com; and that you paste the password provided on the chat page into the “Password” field or if it says your password is your majornelson.com password then enter that password into the password field and click  the “Click to join chatroom” button.


Why won’t it recognize my gamertag when I try to login to the chat/why isn’t my new password working on the chat?

Due to some server limitations it will take up to 4 hours for gamertag and password changes to propogate over to the chat server. This includes changing your gamertag on the server once you’ve changed your gamertag on majornelson.com.


How do I talk about something other than Xbox?

If you want to talk about something other than Xbox you can try finding other chat channels with topics you want to partake in by typing “/list” and clicking the “chat.majornelson.com” tab where a list of current channels are. You can judge by the channel’s topic if a channel is about what you want to talk about. Otherwise you can create your own channel by typing “/join #channelname” where “channelname” is the name of the channel you would like to create. If you would like to register the channel so you can maintain administrative priveleges on it you can type “/cs register #channelname password description” where “channelname” is the name of the channel you joined, “password” is the founder password for the channel (be sure to set this to a secure password, as this can be used to gain full control over your channel), and “description” is what the channel is about.


How do I remove somebody from my chat channel or how do I keep them from being able to join?


You can click the user’s name in the list of members on the right side of the screen, and then click “Kick”. To ban them click the user’s name and click the second ban option.


How do I give or remove access to my channel?


To give somebody half-operator status type “/cs hop #channelname add nickname” where “channelname” is the name of the channel and “nickname” is the user’s name on the chat, to give somebody operator status type “/cs op #channelname add nickname”, and to give somebody super-operator status type “/cs sop #channelname add nickname”. You can repeat all of the previous commands replacing “add” with “del” to remove them from their corresponding list.


How do I find more advanced commands?

Try typing these advanced help commands on the chat:

/helpserv help


What if I need additional help to questions not answered here?

Type “/join #help” and somebody will be happy to assit you.


Can I connect to this chat server with my own chat client?


You can connect to the majornelson.com chat server at chat.majornelson.com on port 6667 or for SSL port 6697. Please note we use a wildcard certificate for our chat server, so if your client is not capable of accepting a wildcard certificate you should ensure it will accept “invalid” certificates.