So you just got an Xbox 360….now what?


The Holidays will no doubt bring many new Xbox 360 owners, so now is a good time for me to do a quick round up of some resources that can may help new those owners get the most of that new purchase.


Once you have your console connected it to your TV, be sure you are getting the best possible picture. This support article goes over the various types of connections that the Xbox 360 supports, and can help you get the best looking picture based on the cable you are using. The best tip I can offer you is if you are using a Component Cable (the one with red, green and blue video connecters) make sure the switch on the cable going into the Xbox 360 is set to HDTV. Again, read the support article and this can help you to make sure you’re getting the best picture possible based on the connection type you are using.


Once you are all set up, be sure to connect your console to your home network. This support article walks you through the options.


Now that you have the console online, you can sign up up for a free Xbox LIVE Gamertag. This will allow you free access to all the latest system updates, game demos, game add-ons, Arcade games and much more.


With your new Gamertag, you can now sign into and browse the Xbox LIVE Marketplace directly in your web browser. From here you can easily add items (like free demos) to your download queue. If your Xbox 360 is turned on, and signed into Xbox LIVE, your downloads will begin immediately. If not, the next time you turn it on the downloads will automatically begin. You can get more information on background downloads here.


If you need immediate Xbox 360 help, hit up my friends on the official Xbox support Twitter account. They’re just waiting for your @ replies!


For great family fun, gather everyone around the Xbox and play the special Holiday edition of 1 v 100 LIVE this Saturday, December 26th. It’s a free and fun way to see if that family know-it-all really knows all.


Here are some resources that new Xbox 360 owners may find helpful:


The Official Xbox 360 support site. Start here before going anywhere else.

The Xbox LIVE Marketplace on the web. Use your computer to browse the marketplace.

The Xbox forums. From game help and discussion to console questions, this is a good place to interact with members of the Xbox community.


If you want to hear from top game developers, as well as learn a little about what happens behind the scenes at Xbox, you should subscribe to my weekly audio podcast. (via iTunes or Zune.) It’s a fun way to learn about new games, things about the Xbox 360 you may not know and much more.


Finally, you may want to follow me on Twitter, where I often post about new demos and other items of interest for gamers.


Have fun with your Xbox 360 and I’ll see you online!


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