Super Street Fighter Las Vegas Throw Down


Street Fighter® IVIf you’re in Las Vegas this week, and you have Super Street Fighter IV skills, the Xbox community needs you! The Capcom team has thrown down a friendly challenge, but I need your help. While the Capcom folks be showing off some of the new characters in the SSFIV in Las Vegas this week, they’re also hosting Las Vegas Fight Club where we’ll put some of the best SSIV players in the ring against each other.  If you are in the Las Vegas area on Thursday night (January 7th) and you want to help Team Xbox 360 take on the Capcom Unity folks send me an email (major at Xbox com) with a quick explanation why we should pick you. You must be over 18 and ready to fight. Read Capcom’s blog entry for more details and maybe I’ll see you this week in Las Vegas.