Xbox events at PAX East 2010


We have a full slate of events scheduled for this weeks PAX East in Boston. Starting Thursday, we have a different event each day for Boston area gamers. I am pretty excited to be headed to New England for the events and meet many area gamers. 


Thursday, March 25th

I am kicking off our PAX activity a little early with this Pre-Pax 2010 session for area college students. I’ll be doing this at the Microsoft NERD in Cambridge. There is no admission fee, and you don’t need PAX passes to attend, but you will need to register as capacity is limited.


When: March 25th from 5:30pm to 6:30pm
Microsoft Nerd
What: I’ll be meeting with college students to discuss working in the game industry. If you are a Boston area college student, head over to the
Microsoft NERD Facebook group to keep updated on similar events.

Again, this is a free event but you will need to register to attend. Once we reach capacity, they’ll have to close registration.


Edit: We have reached capacity for this event.


Friday, March 26th – Tweetup!

I’ll be headed back to NERD but this time with my show co-hosts e, lollip0p and Stepto.  We’ll be there with other members of the Xbox LIVE team and community (like DMZilla and litheon.) The doors for PAX don’t open until 2pm on Friday so join us first before you roll over to the Hynes Convention Center for the rest of the weekend.

There is no registration or admission fee, and you don’t need PAX passes to attend.

When: March 26th from 9:30am to 11:30am
Where: Microsoft Nerd
What: Meet members of the Xbox LIVE team and other members of the community
Why: We’ve got some coffee and sugar laced snacks to get your Friday started, plus we’ll have some giveaways plus the first 300 people who attend will walk away with an exclusive PAX East item. We’ll also have a Surface on hand if you want to get your hands dirty (digitally speaking of course) with one. 


If you DO have PAX Passes, be sure to stop by the Xbox Booth where will have some of the newest games to show and for the first time anywhere you can have hands-on time with Crackdown 2.


Also, allow me to draw your attention to the following panels where many of your favorite Xbox LIVE members will be participating:


Friday, 6:30pm: Traversing the Twitterverse, and Beyond! (Manticore Theatre) Join me along with @Xboxsupport’s McKenzie Eakin and Robert Bowling from IW as we discuss Twitter and gaming.


Saturday, 3:00pm: Xbox LIVE Group Therapy.(Wyvern Theatre) WE’LL DO IT LIVE! Join me for the first ever live taping of my podcast. They entire gang will be there, including e, lollip0p and Stepto. We’ll have an hour of fun as we try to record a ‘normal show’ and then take your questions. Come be a part of history.


Saturday, 5:30pm: Podcasting (f)or PR (Naga Theater) I’ll be on a panel to discuss the medium with Julian Murdoch [Freelance Writer,], Jeff Green [Editor-in-Chief, EA], Ken Levine [Creative Director, Irrational Games ], Shawn Elliott [Podcast Producer, Irrational Games], James Stevenson [Insomniac Games].


Sunday, 11:30am, Enforcement on Xbox LIVE: Tales from the Din Part 2 (Manticore Theatre). Join Stephen "Stepto" Toulouse, head of Xbox LIVE Policy and Enforcement, and members of his team as he walks you through the ins and outs of policing the service. If you saw (or heard) his session at PAX in Seattle last year, you’ll be glad to know his session has been updated with all new content and even more unbelievable stories.


This attendee guide from the Hynes Convention Center web site has some good information if this is your first time to the area.


See you at one (or all) of the events.