What’s up with my Twitter picture?

Last week I decided to update my Twitter profile with a new picture. Little did I know it would cause a great deal of confusion and concern, but then I realized posting a photo of yourself on fire with no context will do that .

Let me use this post to bring everyone up to speed.

First you’ll need to watch the below video, which I did for Inside Xbox for the release of the Xbox LIVE Arcade game Splosion Man.

As you saw, I was set on fire for the video. None of that was CG or Photoshop.

Now, and I can’t stress this enough, it was a carefully controlled stunt done specifically for this video. Using the top stunt coordinators in the Northwest, the entire video was shot under the strictest of safety precautions.

Now that you’ve seen the video above, here for the first time, are some behind the scenes photos that show what went into the setting up of the flaming shot.

So, as you can see the picture of me with my hair on fire was part of a stunt. That’s it. Plain and simple.

No one was hurt, burned or damaged. But I got a nice Twitter profile picture out of it.