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Driver San FranciscoContent: DRIVER San Francisco Single Player Demo
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Dash Text: DRIVER SAN FRANCISCO returns to deliver new innovation in open-world and authentic urban driving. Racing through the iconic streets of San Francisco in over 130 muscle and super cars, players take on intense driving missions and challenges that revolve around one thrilling manhunt. As a 14M unit brand, DRIVER brings instant audience recognition and excitement to Ubisoft’s first DRIVER title for next-gen through innovative features, an immersive storyline, and intense action-driving. • Over 130 fully destructible, licensed cars including the largest variety of classic muscle cars • The only racing game with a AAA character-driven storyline • 10 addictive multi-player modes, 6 co-op with split-screen available • Unique SHIFT feature allows players to take full advantage of the variety of vehicles and allow for new Multi-player modes within the genre • Hollywood-style crashes and chase scenes combined with a gritty, 1970s-inspired look and feel

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