Coming soon to the Xbox LIVE Marketplace

Here is a look at some of the upcoming content scheduled for the Xbox LIVE Marketplace.*

See blog post I’ll make for many of these for pricing and/or regional availability and follow me on Twitter for updates.

Xbox LIVE Arcade  Release Date Price Microsoft Points
Burnout Crash  21-Sep 800
Rotastic  21-Sep 800
Mercury Hg  28-Sep 400
MLB Bobblehead Baseball Battle 28-Sep 800
Game Add-ons Release Date Price Microsoft Points
Fallout: New Vegas Lonesome Road 20-Sep 800
Dance Central songs     
      The Pussycat Dolls ft. Busta Rhymes, “Don’t Cha” 20-Sep 240
      Timbaland ft. Keri Hilson and D.O.E., “The Way I Are” 20-Sep 240
      Rupee, “Tempted to Touch” 20-Sep 240
Deal of the Week Discount Dates Price Microsoft Points
Puzzle Me This….    
Gyromancer September 20– 26 600 (50% off)
Portal: Still Alive September 20– 26 600 (50% off)
Bejeweled Blitz LIVE September 20– 26 200 (50% off)
Ilomilo September 20– 26 400 (50% off)
Sword & Sorcery    
Might & Magic Clash of Heroes September 27–Oct. 3 800 (33% off)
Dungeons & Dragons: Daggerdale  September 27–Oct. 3 800 (33% off)
Games on Demand Release Date
Resident Evil 4 20-Sep
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II 20-Sep
MLB 2K11 20-Sep
Resident Evil: Code Veronica X 27-Sep
Crysis 2 27-Sep
Blur 27-Sep
Avatar Marketplace  Release Date
Major League Baseball Update  22-Sep
Nightmare Before Christmas 27-Sep
Dungeons & Dragons: Daggerdale 29-Sep
NBA 2K12 29-Sep
RAGE Update 29-Sep
South Park Update  29-Sep
Game Demos Release Date
NBA 2K12 20-Sep
Sesame Street: Once Upon A Monster 27-Sep


*As with all game related releases, dates, prices and availability are subject to change and vary by region.