Join us for a Prometheus G+ Video Hangout tonight

If you are looking for something to do tonight for an hour, join me, e and Stepto as we discuss (and try to decipher)  the movie Prometheus tonight (Sunday 10 June) at 10p ET/7p PT (what time is that in your time zone?) I’ll set up a Google Plus Video Hangout where we will go over the plot points and discuss what this movie meant to us as fans of the Alien franchise. It goes without saying that this discussion will be filled with spoilers. We are going to openly go over characters, plot points etc. in depth.

Do not join us if you have not seen the film!

Once we are live, I’ll post a link on Twitter or you can just add me to a circle and you’ll see the Hangout pop up in your feed.





Edit: If you missed the live hangout, here is the archive: