It’s Tuesday Morning…

…and right now Major’s on a plane somewhere over the Pacific. Without internet access. I’m pretty sure he said something about my keeping an eye on the blog while he’s gone, too.

Now, I don’t know about you but in my opinion “keeping an eye on the blog” means “talk about whatever you want”. I’m not quite sure that’s what Maj had in mind, but he’s on a plane without internet access right now.

Say hello to my dog Cthulhu:

Happy Cthulhu is happy.

He’s a Labrador Retriever/Rottweiler mix, and he’s 80 pounds of solid muscle. He was a rescue, and he’s about 2.5 years old. There’s nothing in the world he loves more than fetching a tennis ball out of a lake, river, or ocean.

I’ve also got two cats, one of whom just turned 18 – but that’s another blog post.


Who else is looking forward to Spelunky on XBLA tomorrow? I haven’t played it yet, but it looks AWESOME.