Xbox LIVE Community Flex Political Muscle during Interactive Vice Presidential Debate

Above is an example of the interactivity used during last night’s US Vice-Presidential debate that was carried on Xbox LIVE in the US.  There were well-over 800,000 individual responses to poll questions, and the level of engagement among Xbox LIVE users was extremely high, with over 30,000 responses to each of the questions posed

Here are some data points from last night’s polling data:

  • Biden won the debate with Xbox Swing Voters: 44.1% of undecided voters declared Biden the winner with 22.9% choosing Ryan.
  • Biden was overwhelmingly viewed by our swing voters as being more truthful, garnering the favor of 72.2% of undecided respondents.
  • An overwhelming 70.1% of undecided voters do not consider a candidate’s religion when deciding for whom to vote.
  • 53.7% of undecided voters felt that Biden is better prepared to step in as president compared to 21% for Ryan

Here is a more granular look at the results:

Support Who do you think is more truthful? Who won the debate tonight?
  Joe Biden Paul Ryan Joe Biden Paul Ryan Not Sure
Strong Obama 48.8% 99.1% 0.9% 95.0% 1.2% 3.8%
Leaning Obama 4.5% 94.7% 5.3% 82.0% 5.0% 13.0%
Undecided 5.8% 72.2% 27.8% 44.1% 22.9% 32.9%
Leaning Romney 3.1% 18.8% 81.2% 16.7% 63.0% 20.4%
Strong Romney 33.9% 2.4% 97.6% 4.8% 84.2% 11.0%
Strong Other 3.8% 72.9% 27.1% 52.6% 26.4% 21.1%

We are also pleased to announce two new Election 2012 coming later this week —BBC and Comedy Central—bringing relevant content to the election process including clips from The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. These new additions join, Rock the Vote, Face the Facts USA and YouGov in providing compelling content to Xbox LIVE users throughout the 2012 campaign

The next event will be on October 16th.

The survey was designed and analyzed by YouGov in conjunction with Xbox and Microsoft Research. These are preliminary results compiled the night of the debate.