PSA: Proof Up for Gamer Safety Week

Today marks the start to the second annual Gamer Safety Week. This year, Xbox and our partners in the Gamer Safety Alliance hope you’ll take some time to focus on “account safety and security in the online world.” You spend years building your online reputation. If someone you don’t know or trust gains access to your account, they can wipe out that reputation in no time at all. Don’t wait. Take a few minutes now to help ensure your accounts are protected.

If you haven’t already, start by adding security proofs like phone numbers, alternate email addresses, and security questions and answers to your accounts. If one of your accounts is vulnerable, your entire online identity may be at risk, so it’s important to add proofs to all your online accounts where available. Be sure to check your security information from time to time to make sure you have access to your proofs should you ever need them.

Taking simple steps like these can help prevent your online experience from turning into a headache if someone tries to hijack your accounts.

So this Gamer Safety Week take a moment and proof up.