Contre Jour Returns with More Online Levels

Back in October, Internet Explorer introduced the online world to the creature, Petit, by bringing the groundbreaking game Contre Jour to the web with Internet Explorer 10 and HTML5.

Today, the team has announced that Petit is back with even more beautiful gameplay, including two new “worlds” with 20 free levels.

Here is a little about the game to get you started: Joining Petit on his new adventures is his sidekick, Amie. Amie is a brand-new character who helps Petit along his journey to save his one true love, the Rose.

Just like the first online version of Contre Jour that debuted in October, the new levels really showcase the power of IE10 as a touch browser. We also saw great response to Contre Jour around the world, and are pleased with the positive global exposure we’ve seen with visits from fans in more than 100 countries.

If you’re playing this game on a tablet, check out how responsive the multi-touch gestures can be. The gameplay is so immersive that you’ll probably forget that the game is running in a browser and not just a stand-alone app. We’re excited for Petit to continue to reach new fans worldwide with more gameplay.

Play the twenty new free levels at