48 Million Xbox Live Stories – What’s Yours?

During our Xbox Reveal event, we kicked off the fun with a cool video we called Xbox Anthem.

We love this video because it showcases some of our favorite people – ranging from Bill Gates, J Allard and Robbie Bach, who helped bring the original Xbox come to life, to Steven Spielberg, a frequent collaborator with Xbox, to people on the Xbox team that have contributed in major ways over the years. Folks like Todd Holmdahl, Ben Kilgore, Kudo Tsunoda, Alex Kipman, Boyd Multerer, and Shannon Loftis. And Turn 10 Creative Director Dan Greenawalt and Bonnie Ross and Kiki Wolfkill from 343 Industries. And so many more. We also showcased some of the most important luminaries in the industry. Like Crytek founder Cevat Yerli and Remedy CEO Matias Myllyrinne. The creative genius represented in the video is humbling and awesome all at the same time.

Perhaps my favorite part is the loyal Xbox fans represented in the video. From Eric Neustadter, who received the first Xbox Live gamertag, to Chris and Kelly Brown, the Xbox fans behind themarriedgamers.net. I love the story of Nori Fox, who bonds with her son, who has autism, through playing Xbox and shares her ideas with other parents. And what about Ray Cox? He has the highest Xbox gamer score in the US – and the world – according to the Guinness Book of World Records. Of course there is Zach Wigal, Daylon Furlough, Barbara Dunkleman and Jack Patillo from Rooster Teeth, Hassan Bokhari Hassassinade, and so many more stories that thrill and amaze us.

We love these stories so much we were inspired to build a site to showcase them. And to ask you to share your story. Xbox has 48 million Xbox Live members with 48 million stories behind each one. Check out this site, watch the stories and share yours. We’d love to hear from you.