Celebrate One Year of Happy Wars with Microsoft Studios!

That’s right! It’s been an exciting year for us at Microsoft Studios as we celebrate our first ever free-to-play title reaching an astounding 6 million players! And of course…a celebration wouldn’t be complete without new content coming to Happy Wars!  

Before we let you in our celebration plans, we want to say thank you. Thank you to our development team at Toylogic who have been phenomenal at ensuring Happy Wars is the best it can be, day in and day out. And thank you to our community, who has influenced not only how we look at free-to-play, but how we create and move forward with the future of Happy Wars. Everything from character ideas, themed levels, items, and more, is the result of the combined efforts of everyone working and creating together. And we can’t wait to show you what’s next.

To thank all of our amazing and dedicated Happy Wars players, we’re kicking off the party with our Happy Wartober event where we’re going all out on new content, special sales, exclusive items, and even a new character class! Check in everyday during the month of October as we’ll be switching up the offers, rewarding YOU, our awesome community, throughout the month. 

One day you might find a special sale on items in the store, another day you might find some exclusive Happy Wartober items, and another you may find yourself defending your castle on a spooky Halloween themed map! Lastly, to push towards an even happier future for Happy Wars, we’re proud to announce Happy Wars: Season 2! A new year deserves a new name, so look for all of these changes and more when you download the latest update to Happy Wars!

For more information, please visit: http://www.happywars.net/

Whether you’re new to Happy Wars or a long-time fan, we’re delighted to share the future of Happy Wars with all of you. Join forces with other players and learn tips and tricks over at PlayXBLA.com! See you on the battlefield!