New Killer Instinct Trailer Reveals the Return of Orchid and Teases New Character

Double Helix Games and Microsoft Studios today unveiled a new trailer for “Killer Instinct” featuring the powerful combo moves of the recently announced character Orchid. Orchid is the sixth character revealed in “Killer Instinct” and is a fan favorite as one of the most anticipated additions to the franchise. Orchid is a deadly secret agent, who wields dual fighting sticks and a fire panther, showcasing a dazzling array of action-packed Awesome, Extreme, and Master Combos.

Be sure to watch until the end of the trailer for a tease of an upcoming reveal…

Available this November exclusively for Xbox One, “Killer Instinct” is built on the HEX Engine from Double Helix Games, and introduces a revisited and reborn combat system, new characters and a brand new storyline for the new generation of gaming.

“Killer Instinct” will launch with a free trial that lets you start the fight with one free character. Additional characters will be available for purchase, starting at $4.99 / 3.99 Pounds / 4.99 EURO each. Fans eager to access multiple characters at once can save on special character packages:

  • Combo Breaker Pack. Save 50% instantly by purchasing the Combo Breaker Pack (the first eight characters – six at launch and then early access to the other two new characters before their official release) for just $19.99 / 16.99 Pounds / 19.99 EURO.
  • Ultra Edition. For the best value, get the Ultra Edition for $39.99, which includes the first eight characters, accessories packs and costumes, plus the original “Killer Instinct” arcade game.