Dead Rising 3 Demo Live Now, New Content Coming Soon

Today’s a big day for zombie fans; a new Dead Rising 3 demo is now available on Xbox One (“Xbox, Bing, Game Demos”), and Capcom today lifted the lid on the game’s first downloadable episode.

I’m sure the fact that today is Friday the 13th has nothing to do with it.

To learn more about Operation Broken Eagle, we chatted with the game’s executive producer, Capcom Vancouver’ s Josh Bridge.

Dead Rising 3 Operation Broken Eagle

Jeff Rubenstein, Xbox: Talk to us about the newly-announced DLC.

Josh Bridge, Capcom Vancouver: With all 4 of the Untold Stories of Los Perdidos experiences, you get to see the story of Dead Rising 3 unravel from a different point of view. You get to take on the role of a different character in each of the 4 and play through their story and how it ties into the overall plot and reveals how the outbreak unfolded in parallel to Nick Ramos attempting to escape. Each of the episodes have new weapons and a custom vehicle along with side missions and other goodies to collect and ace achievements with. The team had some fun with getting some pretty crazy weapons in there!

Xbox: How does playing as Spec Ops Commander Adam Kane differ from everyman Nick? What abilities or advantages does he have?

Capcom: As opposed to Nick, who is relatively good willed in nature facing military opposition, Adam is a by the books soldier with a crew of Spec Ops fighting for him. You get to take on some over the top military weapons and an armored vehicle that spews bullets. You get to take on missions that go against what Nick would have fought for, but as you discover through the story you can also relate to how Adam struggles to follow through on his difficult orders.

Dead Rising 3 demo

Xbox: As far as the demo is concerned, what should players be sure to seek out in the sandbox?

Capcom: We have some cool hidden goodies in the demo for players to dig for. Definitely check out the map for where the blueprints are around Ingleton. We have some cool combos to try out and even a Super Combo weapon called the Ultimate Grim Reaper. It is a multiple blueprint find, and super deadly when you get the fully stacked version. Don’t forget, after you make it or other combos, you can always pull them back out of the locker in the Safehouse and have another run at it.

Xbox: Have you been tracking Dead Rising 3’s most popular weapons, combos, and vehicles? What’s resonating most with the players?

Capcom: Overall, I have been really surprised by the sheer amount of completionists are out there playing our game. Lots of folks trying to ace all blueprints and combos created. We were really surprised by the excitement over the combo weapon Sentry Cat. Pretty much out there as far as a combo weapon, but think it being unpredictable is part of the charm. Looking at telemetry, the RollerHawg is king for killing with a vehicle…still get a kick out of seeing players sharing vids of them causing havoc with it.

Xbox: What tips can you offer for tackling nightmare mode?

Capcom: Definitely want to go in leveled up to about LV.20 with good range of combo weapons/vehicles ready to go in the lockers. The clock is quite fast, so for a first timer I would just focus on speed running the main missions. It is definitely possible to hit side missions as part of the run, but you will need to pre-plan you routes and which vehicles/weapons for the runs.

For more on Dead Rising 3, look out for Josh’s interview with Major Nelson later today on MNR 497.

Dead Rising 3 demo