Xbox Fitness Trainer Spotlight: INSANITY’s Shaun T on New Year’s Resolutions

If you’ve polished off too many holiday cookies and are thinking about starting a New Year’s fitness regimen, you’re not alone. Getting in shape is at the top of many people’s New Year’s lists but it’s also one of the hardest resolutions to keep. To help, we reached out to some of the famous trainers featured in our new Xbox Fitness service to get their best tips for achieving your fitness goals. We will share these tips over the next couple of months to keep you motivated and on track.   

Kicking off the New Year is Beachbody’s Shaun T, creator of the insanely popular INSANITY® workout, who shared some helpful tips and tricks for turning your New Year’s fitness resolutions into reality:

  • If you have a bad day (maybe you missed a workout or ate poorly), just remember it’s just a bad day. Don’t make it a bad week.
  • Schedule your workout time like you would any other appointment; you’re more likely to stick with it.
  • Leave your sneakers and workout clothing out so you’re ready to go first thing in the morning or as soon as you get home.
  • Feeling hungry or like noshing? Try sipping something that has no calories! I recommend a large water with lemon, iced coffee or iced tea.
  • Add healthy fats to your meal to help you feel satisfied – avocado is my personal favorite!

INSANITY® is one of the many workouts included in the extensive Xbox Fitness library of the world’s most popular fitness brands, including Jillian Michaels, Tracy Anderson, Beachbody (P90X® and INSANITY®), Anchor Bay (a Starz company) and Mossa.

Xbox Fitness personalizes your workout with high-tech features only possible through the magic of Kinect for Xbox One. It is so advanced, it not only reads the distribution of your weight and the explosiveness of your movements, but it also provides an analysis of the areas of the body you are working and tracks your pulse, touch free. Xbox Fitness is free with your Xbox Live Gold membership until January 2015, only on Xbox One.

As Shaun T says, “It’s not where you started – it’s where you’re going.” So, get going to the Xbox Fitness hub and take on a workout with Shaun T.  We’ll be back soon with more great tips from our Xbox Fitness trainers to help you achieve your fitness goals in 2014.  For more information, check out