Ask Chris Pratt Anything About “The LEGO Movie”

Over the course of his career, 34-year-old actor Chris Pratt has played a Navy SEAL, a professional baseball player, a lovably simple-minded shoeshine boy, and a superhero. While those roles offered their own unique acting challenges, they undoubtedly pale in comparison to what comes next: voicing a living toy. Perhaps even more challenging is the fact that Pratt isn’t just playing any old toy, he’ll be voicing one of the most iconic toys in history.

Well, that’s not entirely correct. Pratt will be voicing a character that’s built from some of the most recognizable toys ever. Naturally, we’re talking about LEGO bricks.

In the upcoming film “The LEGO Movie” that hits U.S. theaters on Feb. 7, Pratt voices Emmet, an ordinary LEGO minifigure that’s mistaken for a the last living Master Builder and gets tasked with saving the LEGO universe from the evil tyrant Lord Business. It’s not the first voiceover work for Pratt, but it’s certainly the most high profile.

Since we know fans of Chris Pratt and LEGO alike probably have lots of questions for one of the key players in the year’s most intriguing animated films, we want to help get them answered. Between now and Jan. 17, you can submit questions on the official Xbox Facebook page or via the Xbox Twitter account using the #TheLEGOMovieXboxVideo hashtag.