Love Ryse: Son of Rome? Watch The Fall For Live-Action Marius

There’s something magical about seeing video games come to life. We loved the live-action “Halo: Reach” and “Halo 4” trailers and teasers, so we were understandably excited to check out the videos released late last year for “Ryse: Son of Rome.” Called “The Fall,” this four-part series of videos tells the tale of the heroic Marius Titus as he begin his march toward vengeance against the powers that murdered his family. You’ll see Marius’ rise from simple legionnaire to the embodiment of Damocles himself and beyond.

The story is slickly told and takes some parts from the game itself, but it’s very much a standalone experience that’s sure to delight both gamers and gladiator fans alike. Broken into four distinct episodes told from four different perspectives, “The Fall” feature some deep philosophical musings and plenty of slow-motion gladiatorial action. 

Oh, and it also features plenty of good old fashioned stabbings. Because, really, it wouldn’t be “Ryse” without buckets of blood staining the ground.