Catch Up On the Big Titanfall News Day

With just under a month away from Titanfall, the stream of info on the game just went into overdrive. First, Xbox Wire met with Respawn to document the journey of Titanfall from the earliest days of the studio:

Then the team went hands-on with the upcoming beta to share what you should expect:

BTW, you *did* sign up for the beta, didn’t you?

Meanwhile, media who recently got their hands on Titanfall released their impressions today. Take a look at some pieces that delve into classes, game types, and what the game feel like in general. Some good reading here:

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Comparing Titanfall’s futuristic warriors: Pilots vs. giant robots (preview) – Venturebeat

Titanfall is friendly, complex, thrilling and borrows wisely not from first-person shooters – Polygon

Titanfall hands-on preview: Surprisingly deep robot-on-robot violence – PC World

Massive mechs! Free running! Fun! Eight reasons why you should beg, borrow or steal a Titanfall beta key – Mirror

Titanfall: watch us play Attrition from the Xbox One beta – Shacknews

Titanfall preview: sci-fi warfare in crumbling futuristic cityscapes – The Guardian

Titanfall video preview – burn ‘dem mechs – Joystiq

We’ve got a positively immense amount of Titanfall coverage planned over the next 4 weeks, including deeper dives into the game’s features, and the all-important answers to your burning Titanfall questions. In the meantime, sign up for the beta, and we hope to see you out there this weekend!

BTW: You did pre-order Titanfall right?

Update: Are you craving a Titanfall ringtone/message notification for your device? I’ve got you covered here: