Our Favorite Moments From the Titanfall Beta

With the end of the “Titanfall” beta upon us, it’s a good time to reminisce about some of the more memorable moments from our time on the battlefield. With more than 5 days spent jump-kicking Pilots, rodeoing Titans and getting our butts handed to us in Last Titan Standing, we’ve got more war stories than you probably want to hear. While we can’t help looking forward to what’s to come when “Titanfall” releases on March 11 (More maps! More Titans!), learning from our tactical successes and failures is the best way to ensure we’re ready when that day comes. With that in mind, here are our most memorable moments from the “Titanfall” beta.

Escape Velocity

After one Attrition match, with a friendly Pilot riding our Titan, we made it to street below the dropship only to come face-to-face with three enemy Titans. They proceeded to blast us to pieces while our stowaway tried to escape to the dropship only to be taken down halfway across the open roof. Somehow we made it out alive and picked up the Sole Survivor challenge by ejecting from our Titan and landing mere inches from the hatch and waltzing on in to the safety of the dropship.

Titan Smash!

During one of the many moments in which were foolhardy enough to go mano-a-Titan with a massive enemy, we got the notification that our Titan was ready to be called in. After disorienting the enemy Titan with an arc grenade, we called our Titan in right on top of him. The corresponding Titanfall smashed our enemy and completed the Look Out Below challenge.

Off the Wall

During one of our first matches in the “Titanfall” beta, we found one skill that would serve us handy throughout the rest of our days. While wallrunning our way down an alley, we were suddenly confronted with an enemy Pilot running in the opposite direction. We managed to instinctively (read: luckily) fire a few rounds into him, before we both fell. By the time we figured out where he was, he had already wallrun back the other way and killed us from a safe distance.

The Trap is Set

In the rounds in which we played as our custom “Ninja” class (Cloak, smart pistol, and arc grenade), our favorite tactic was to use the data knife to hang on interior walls. In one match on Fracture, we hung high off the wall directly behind a window and waited for the enemy like a cloaked spider ready for a well-armed fly. In the span of less than a minute, we got the drop on unsuspecting foes and had broken two enemy necks and dropkicked another Pilot squarely in the face. Enabling Cloak, we snuck away to find another location before a group of enemies came hunting for us.  

Up, Up, and Away

You never really know what’s going to happen when you’re ejected from an exploding Titan, though more often than not you’ll be able to land safely somewhere… or on top of an enemy Titan if that’s your thing. After ejecting out of our exploded Titan, we landed on the Titan that took us out and proceeded to rodeo it into submission. Upon the Titan’s explosion, we were launched back into the air. However, before we could even plan our next landing, the similarly ejected Pilot from the exploded Titan took us out while we were both in mid-air.

These are just a few of the amazing moments we experienced in the “Titanfall” beta. We can’t wait to make more memories when the game releases on March 11. For more, visit the official Titanfall page on Xbox.com or read more of our “Titanfall” beta coverage: