Video For IndyCar Driver Josef Newgarden Talks Forza Motorsport 5

IndyCar Driver Josef Newgarden Talks Forza Motorsport 5

As you may have heard, this morning “Forza Motorsport 5” developer Turn 10 Studios announced the addition of an exciting new track to the acclaimed racing simulator: the Long Beach course, renowned and beloved by racing professionals and fans alike. But just how true-to-life is this simulation of Long Beach?

Well, Turn 10 arranged for a visit from professional IndyCar driver Josef Newgarden to help check their collective work. And Newgarden would know, too: He’s been racing professionally since 2006, in everything from karts to Formula One cars, and is currently competing in his third IndyCar season.

As for finding out how accurate Turn 10 was with their implementation, you’ll have to watch the video above for yourself. As Newgarden attests to, every stretch and every curve in the “Forza Motorsport 5” version of Long Beach is realistically mapped to its real-world counterpart. And who would know better than someone who’s actually raced on it?