9 User-Created Trials Fusion Tracks You Have GOT to Play

One of the most interesting features of Trials Fusion is its extensive Create mode. With a suite of incredibly powerful tools, this feature allows players to create their own trials, FMX, or skill-game tracks from scratch. In the short time the game has been out, track creators have pumped out well over 4,000 creations, occasionally using those powerful tools to create experiences far outside the “Trials” formula. Here are nine examples that we found deserving of special notice.

Creator: KaliniuS
We start with a relatively straightforward trials map with a fine sense of drama. A gentle difficulty ramp starts the map off in a jungle environment, leading to a gut-levitating jump into a beautiful cavern, and a brief sequence of more challenging jumps. Fun and pretty.

Canyon Run
A series of perfectly spaced big-air jumps provides a lovely sense of rhythm in this trials track, and a surprise geyser blast near the end catapults the rider out of the depths just before things get monotonous. The track wraps up with a cute ending sequence that’s worth watching. Accessible gold and perfectly positioned platinum make this one compulsively replayable.

Creator: Quiiquer
This hilarious sendup of the human-pinball TV show of the same name is a great example of what you can do with dynamic elements in the track creator. Moving parts recreate the agony of defeat that makes the show so entertaining, and trademark elements like big bouncy balls and spastically moving platforms offer some legitimate challenge. The surprise is that this is a regular trials track; it could potentially work better as a skill game.

Blimp Madness
Creator: xXHazza360Xx
Most FMX track creators seem to be trying to outdo one another in an attempt to create FMX tracks that are virtually impossible to actually finish. Thankfully, “Blimp Madness” takes a different tack, offering accessible opportunities for big air — and hence, big tricks — combined with a smart sense of pacing and spectacle.

Squirl [sic] Rider
Creator: oHE4THo
The most surprising thing about this trials track isn’t the fact that your bike is replaced by a squirrel. The most surprising thing is the fact that your bike is replaced by a squirrel and it totally works. Thanks to the impressive customizability of the track creator, you can now pilot your own squirrel through a tranquil woodland environment.

Creator: CSCSCS2
If riding a squirrel isn’t trippy enough, “PHANTAZME” is here to help you out. It’s a pharmaceutical hallucination in video game form, taking the appearing-track mechanics of the main game’s Fusion Factory track and inflating them to completely insane proportions. This trials track is short, but worth every moment.

Fly Around The Map
Creator: Captain Cut You
Though this is technically a skill game, there’s no actual objective. Instead, players are encouraged to… well, fly around the map. As another example of the completely unexpected things skilled track creators can achieve, this one puts you in control of a plane — yes, an airplane — complete with rudder control. Other maps riff off the same idea (see “FREE ROAM,” “FREE ROAM CAR,” or “Rock Climber!”), but who doesn’t love to fly?

TrevTram 3000
Creator: I Trevelyan I
This trials course would be challenging on its own. The fact that it takes place on a moving train just ups the challenge and the intensity. A clever series of jumps, half-loops, and other unexpected elements will keep you guessing, and the pavement blazing by below will keep you on your toes.

Rocky Mountain High
Creator: TeamWhat
Our current favorite among many strong trials contenders, “Rocky Mountain High” is the total package. The track is designed with a spectacular sense of showmanship, complete with smartly shifting camera angles and well-thought-out lighting. But it’s not just fun to watch; it’s fantastic to play, with a wonderfully evolving level of challenge. It starts smooth, with a series of big-air jumps and gorgeous vistas, but slowly builds in difficulty, wrapping up with a brutal ending: an almost sadistic one-two punch of floating platforms followed by a near-vertical wall. Had this been included in the main game, we wouldn’t have batted an eye — which just goes to show how powerful the track creation tools really are.