Far Cry 4 Heads for the Himalayas

On November 18, the world of “Far Cry” gets a lot colder, as “Far Cry 4” moves the franchise from the lush tropics last seen in “Far Cry 3,” out to the bitter coldness of the Himalayas.

Ubisoft announced today that “Far Cry 4” is trading its sandals for some snowshoes with its new setting of Kryat, an untamed mountainous region full of beautiful views — and a dangerous despotic ruler.

“Following the success of ‘Far Cry 3,’ we wanted to take the franchise to the next level and create a game that will surprise players and exceed fans’ expectations,” said Executive Producer Dan Hay, on the official Ubisoft blog.

Development on “Far Cry 4” is being led by Ubisoft Montreal, in collaboration with Red Storm Entertainment, Ubisoft Toronto, Ubisoft Shanghai, and Ubisoft Kiev. That’s a good chunk of the team who developed “Far Cry 3,” and we all know how killer that game was.

You also get some sweet pre-order incentives: All pre-orders get auto-upgraded to the Limited Edition of the game, which includes the Hurk’s Redemption single-player mission pack (starring everybody’s favorite loon from “Far Cry 3”), as well as the awesome Impaler harpoon gun.

“Far Cry 4” will launch on November 18 for Xbox One and Xbox 360. You can be sure we’ll be bringing you more on “Far Cry 4” during next month’s E3 Expo!